Become Our Distributor or Supplier

Medimove, a wheelchair manufacturer strives to expand its network of distribution while associating with its valuable services. With many years of experience and skilled staff, we are open to distributors who are willing to share their expertise with us. From small components to the perfect wheelchair, this journey has its own aura. To become our distributor, let’s create a wide network of distribution to serve many valuable users. 



Made in India

The greatest advantage for any firm is having a manufacturing unit in its own country. Medimove has production of each and every component within India, it does not export any component from other countries. This experience and excellence make us believe in widening our network chains in terms of distribution. So come and partner with us and become our finest distributor.



While you choose us, there is surety of stable cooperation and highest quality in time. Timely distribution with no hindrances is our motto. We also provide assistance at the shipping and delivery stage. Your Cooperation and our trust will make MediMove the best distributor all over India.



The products manufactured and distributed by us are Durable and trusted by many of our valued users. We believe in improving and upgrading each day so that our users receive the best quality with their budgets. Trust by users keeps us on our toes to provide quality goods with quality services. So when you are with MediMove, quality never compromises.


Development and Future Plans

We always try to be updated with the latest tools and technology so that there is no space for outdated techniques. Development in terms of products and manufacturing units is always our priority. Partnering with us means there are always numerous opportunities and expansion of the network in terms of distribution.

A distributor can get a lot of benefits, so become our distributor, and let’s make the distribution area wider and more efficient.